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Welcome to The Bobage Brewing Company, dreamt up in 2007 whilst falling off a log on a vineyard in Australia, Bobage has been maturing like a fine wine. During that time there has been much debate about which direction we should go, what type of beer to produce and all manner of variations on the brand but throughout all this time the main drive was to realise a dream, create new and revive old recipes, aim to use locally sourced ingredients in all our unique beers and most important of all, have fun.

We hope that there will be something here for everyone, that you’ll enjoy our beers and become as passionate about them as we are, helping to keep real ale alive and well here in the UK and beyond.

News on our new brews will follow soon, to keep up to date though follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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Beers from the Bobage Brewing Company are currently available to purchase at the Fox and Newt, Burley Road, Leeds or from the fine people at Yorkshire Ales.

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